The function of the manual pressure reducing and overflow valve in the ground blowout preventer control device is to reduce the high pressure oil (21Mpa) in the accumulator to the lower pressure required to control the blowout preventer (usually 10.5Mpa). In addition, under certain working conditions, the valve also has the function of automatic overflow and pressure reduction, so the method has two functions: oil tines and overflow.

14 Y16-26 Oil in valve seat 1
13 Y6-22 Valve seat 1
12 GB3452. 1-82 “O” seal ring 3
11 Y16-21 Oil release slide cover 2
10 Y16-20 Pressure release slide cover 4
9 GB3452. 1-82 “O” seal ring 2
8 GB3452. 1-82 “O” seal ring 4
7 GB3452. 1-82 “O” seal ring /
6 Y16-12 Valve board 1
5 Y02-10A Handspike 1
4 Y02-26 “O” seal ring 1
3 GB3452. 1-82 “O” seal ring 3
2 Y02-11A Centralizing sleeve 1
1 GB301-64 Bearing 1
Item No. Code Description Qty
Model JYS21-25 Manual regulator
Drawing No. Y02-00A