Mining Clutch


Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of industrial brakes and clutches. Power mining brakes and clutches are specifically designed for heavy earthmoving equipment, such as rope shovels and draglines.

mining brake is a spring-set, air released brake. A key focus has been given to maximizing ventilation for dissipating large thermal loads, making these brake units very popular in the mining and aggregate industries.

Actuation: spring set, pneumatic release
Torque: 2450 – 30,700 Nm
Interchangeability: Industrial Clutch (Altra) LKB Brake

Spring Set Air Release Mining Brake
The mining brake features a high torque, low energy design. The brake units are designed for pneumatic operation. The rugged construction and large thermal load dissipation protect process equipment in the mining industry, typically suited for rope shovels and draglines.

There are a variety of torque capacities and pressure settings. mining brake and clutch units are 100% interchangeable with competitor products and multiple hub options are available.