Pneumatic Safety High Pressure Portable Hydraulic Pump Test Bench Trolley

Portable Pressure Test Systems utilize the advantages of air driven liquid pumps and are assembled into robust, lightweight portable packages ideal for providing hydrostatic pressure for a wide range of pressure testing applications, such as for vessels, pipes, valves, etc. These selfcontained units are powered by compressed air and designed for use with a wide range of fluids of water, or soluble oil as the hydrostatic test media. The pumps, valves and tubes are all made of stainless steel and can withstand the harsh working conditions of high temperature and high pressure. The portable, lightweight test rigs are designed for onsite pressure testing – both onshore and offshore.



Ø Low-pressure compressed air as the booster power source, safe and environmentally friendly

Ø A trolley structure, lightweight, easy to transport and move. Casters mounted on the bottom for free movement on the flat, which can be removed when not needed.

Ø Pressure self-locking function, under the condition of setting the driving air pressure, the output pressure is constant.

Ø Dual scale shockproof pressure gauge display

Ø With an emergency stop valve

Ø Safety protection function: when the high pressure reaches the set value, the system automatically relieves pressure.

Ø Compact, robust, selfcontained structure

Applicable Medium

Pure water, distilled water, anion water, clear water, hydraulic oil, brake oil, methanol, ethanol, glycol, inhibitors, chemical reagents

Field of Use

Hose test, hose test, hard pipe test, metal pipe test, container test, valve test, high pressure gas cylinder test, pipeline component test, burst test, strength test, fatigue test, hydraulic power unit, chemical reagent injection, petroleum industry , Fire protection industry, automobile industry, chemical industry, aerospace, science laboratory

  • Performance Date

Max. Output Pressure

@100 psi(7bar) air drive

Max.  Outlet Flow
  Bar Psi Liter/min Cu Ins/min
WY-80W-J0A 80 1160 15 915
WY-80W-J0B 25 1525
WY-80W-J0C 45 2476
WY-130W-J0A 130 1885 9 549
WY-130W-J0B 20 1220
WY-130W-J0C 30 1830
WY-200W-J0A 200 2900 4 244
WY-200W-J0B 12 732
WY-200W-J0C 23 1403
WY-350W-J0A 350 5075 4 244
WY-350W-J0B 10 610
WY-350W-J0C 20 1220
WY-500W-J0A 500 7250 2 122
WY-500W-J0B 5 305
WY-500W-J0C 10 610
WY-800W-J0A 800 11600 1.5 91
WY-800W-J0B 4 244
WY-800W-J0C 7 427
WY-1000W-J0A 1000 14500 4.5 274
WY-1400W-J0A 1400 20300 1.8 109
WY-1400W-J0B 3.2 195
  • Connection&Consruction

Ø Driven-air inlet: 1/2″NPT(F)

Ø High-pressure outlet 1: 1/2″NPT(F)

Ø High-pressure outlet 2: 1/2″NPT(F)

Ø Safety valve : 3/8″NPT(F)