Hydraulic Drilling Choke

Flange sizes from 3 1/8″ to 4 1/16″.
Standard orifice size 1 3/4″
Stem and seat can be repaired without removal from service.
All CAMTOP Cameron style hydraulic drilling chokes are suited for H2S service.
Tungsten carbide wear sleeves extend choke’s serviceability life.


Hydraulic Drilling Choke

Choke Valve is used to control the flow rate of fluids for a broad range of application, including

well testing, wellheads, stream injection, choke manifold and well clean operation, etc.,

our adjustable choke valve is improved from Cameron H2 series adjustable choke,

which is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard,

easy operation and simple maintenance, reasonable price.

Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A.
Carbide alloy is embedded into stem needle of the valve, seat.
Flow adjustment is indicated on a measuring scale.
Composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing reduces operating torque.
Max orifice: 1”-3″.
Working Pressure: 2,000PSI – 20,000PSI
Material Class: AA – EE
Connection Type: Flange, Hammer Union, Thread

Item Description Item Description
1 Hydraulic Actuator 26 Spacer
2 Front Retainer 27 Adapter
3 Gate 28 Tubing
4 Rear Retainer 29 Connector
5 Piston 30 Nut
6 Cover 31 Retainer Cap
7 Actuator Rod 32 Lock Washer
8 Actuator Body 33 Screw
9 O-Ring 34 Back-up Ring
10 O-Ring 35 O-Ring
11 O-Ring 36 Lower Stabilizer Mount
12 O-Ring 37 Upper Stabilizer Mount
13 Pipe Bushing 38 Cap Screw
14 Retaining Ring 39 Screw
15 Locknut 40 Quick-Connect
16 Cap Screw 41 Nipple
17 Lock Washer 42 Nipple
18 Screw 43 Elbow
19 Elbow 44 Back-Up Ring
20 Quick-Connect 45 Body
21 Elbow 46 Seat
22 Housing 47 O-Ring
23 Cover 48 Wear Sleeve
24 Regulator 49 Back-up Ring
25 Spacer Mount



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