The hose loop is assembled by swivel joint, hammer union and pup joint, can be swiveled in three directions flexibly. It is commonly used in oil field cementing, acid fracturing etc. It is usually used in discharge pup joint, transportation pup joint, well testing pup joint, well cementing pup joint, and transportation liquid flow under high pressure environment.

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Hose Loops are mainly used for transporting fluid in high pressure discharge line, well testing line and cementing slurry line.

CAMTOP Hose Loops include long radius type and flexible type. Long radius type combines long radius swivel joint and integral pup joint, featuring high erosion resistance, less vibration, impact resistance and large flow. Flexible type has single union connection, featuring excellent seal and rotary performance.

CAMTOP Hose Loops are available in both standard service and H2S service, applicable to cementing, fracturing, acidizing and testing lines. Customized design is also available to meet various demand.


  • Special repair kit is available for quick and inline maintenance.
  • Easy to fold, store and transport.
  • High flexibility, less vibration, impact resistance and large flow
  • Integral hammer union connection is easy for assembly and disassembly.
Product Name Circulating Hose Loop, Chiksan Hose Loop
Material Class AA-EE
Working Media Crude oil and natural gas
Processing Standard API 6A
Working Pressure 6000~15000 psi
Nominal Bore Diameter 2″; 3″; 4″
Connection Type Fig 602; Fig 1002; Fig 1502 etc.
Type Long radius; Short radius
Customized Please provide size, type, pressure, length etc. Or drawing


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