Hose Loop


Hose Loops are mainly used for transporting fluid in high pressure discharge line, well testing line and cementing slurry line.

CAMTOP Hose Loops include long radius type and flexible type. Long radius type combines long radius swivel joint and integral pup joint, featuring high erosion resistance, less vibration, impact resistance and large flow. Flexible type has single union connection, featuring excellent seal and rotary performance.

CAMTOP Hose Loops are available in both standard service and H2S service, applicable to cementing, fracturing, acidizing and testing lines. Customized design is also available to meet various demand.


  • Special repair kit is available for quick and inline maintenance.
  • Easy to fold, store and transport.
  • High flexibility, less vibration, impact resistance and large flow
  • Integral hammer union connection is easy for assembly and disassembly.
Rated Working Pressure 69.0MPa~103.5MPa (10,000psi~15,000psi)
Nominal Size 2″
Temperature Rating -29℃~121℃(PU), -46℃~121℃ (LU) -20℉~250℉ (PU),-50℉~250℉(LU)
Service Standard, Sour Gas
Application Fracturing, Cementing, Acidizing, Testing Lines