Hammer Union

  • Provided with weak nitrile rubber sealing ring and used for sealing and protecting combination of union steel pairs.
  • Recommended for connection of manifolds and pipelines, vehicle-mounted system and mud transportation and also can be used as non-pressure seal union.
  • Suitable for air, water, oil and gas service.
  • Made of high quality steel by forging and finishing cut.
  • Adopts some end connections of pipeline thread, tubing thread, butt-weld.


Hammer Union

Weco Hammer Union (Wing union) manufactured by CAMTOP is based on the introduced technologies from FMC, the hammer union components are interchangable with FMC WECO on the same size and figure.

Our hammer unions (wing unions) are forged by the high quality alloy steel (such as AISI 4130 75K). All processes including forging, machining, and heat treatment are strictly controlled and full trackable in according with API 6A, API 16c and Q1, as well as NACE-MR-01-75 (sour gas service)

Our hammer unions (wing unions) are available in different end connections, API line pipe thread end and Butt weld end, clients need to specify the schedule of pipe while ordering.



  • 1. Oil and Gas pipelines,
  • 2. Cementing, fracturing,Manifolds and Pipelines,acidizing, testing
  • 3. Crude Oil and Sour Gas,Mud,
  • 4. Water Flood Lines,
  • 5. choke-and-kill lines.
Bore Size 1-4 inch
Working Pressure 2,000psi – 20,000psi
Connection type Threaded end, butt weld end
Figure No. Fig100, Fig200/206, Fig400, Fig602, Fig1002, Fig1502, Fig2202



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