Flowline High Pressure 10FT 2″ Fig 1502 Integral Pup Joints


API Integral Pup Joints are straight tubes/pipes with hammer union, thread, or flange connections on both ends, which have been widely used for transporting high pressure flow in fracturing manifold, cementing manifold, maintenance manifold and test manifold.

Pup joint made of high strength steel, with a special toughening process. It uses Acme threaded connection, making it with the demolition convenient, fast, reliable connection, and reliable. Multiple seal design and high precision, to ensure the sealing performance of Pup joint.

1. The integral pup joint is union instead of screw connection on the top, which is more secure and reliable.

2. Easy and quick assembling and disassembling.

3. High strength and low weight.

4. Each technical parameters and performances of pup joints conform to standards of API Spec 6A and can be exchanged with like products internationally.

Product Name Integral pup joint 1502/union pup joint/1502 pipe fitting
Material alloy steel, ANSI 4135, 4130, 35CrMo
Connection method 1502 hammer union
Size 2″ ~ 4″
Pressure 14 ~105MPa
Length 1~5m
Standard API