FJ105/70-NC31 Drill Internal Preventer

The internal preventer is an important preventer during drilling process. This tool, compared with back-pressure valve of other structure style, has advantages like high strength, high pressure resistance, safe and reliable etc.


FJ105/70-NC31 Drill Internal Preventer


Inside Blowout Preventor (BOP) is a special tool, which can be stripped through the BOP preempt to be connected with the added drilling tools as soon as possible. When the blowout occurs during lifting operations, the IBOP have many advantages in situation such as, high pressure rating,reliable seal, easy application and operation.

When the drill tool is lifted out of the hole, blowout could happen due to suction. In event of a blowout, the open position of the IBOP valve allows back flow, easing the installation process. Upon successful installation,the valve can be promptly closed with a relief rod to prevent further back flow.Fluid can then be pumped in from the surface to discharge the IBOP and drill string. The purpose of the blowout prevention can be achieved by the following generic steps: discharging the relief sub, regulation of fluid;commence pump circulation.

Technical Parameters:

1. Model: FJ105/710 – NC31; 2. Outer diameter: 105mm; 3. Inner diameter: 70mm; 4. Overall length: 610mm; 5. Pressure rating: 70Mpa;

Model Product Code O.D.(mm) Connection I.D.(mm) Working Pressure(MPa)
FJ229 F042291 229 7 5/8 REG 82 70 (35)
FJ203 F042031 203 6 5/8 REG 82 70 (35)
FJ178 F041784 178 5 1/2 FH 82 70 (35)
FJ168 F041681 168 NC50 82 70 (35)
FJ165 F041652 165 NC50 82 70 (35)
FJ159 F041591 159 NC46 70 70 (35)
FJ121 F041211 121 NC38 56 70 (35)
FJ105 F041051 105 NC31 44 70 (35)
FJ89 F040891 89 NC26 33 70 (35)




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