External Gauge Carrier Drill Stem Test Tools For Data Acquisition

The Gauge Carrier holds up to four or eight electronic memory pressure and temperature gauges depending on the model.

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External Gauge Carrier Drill Stem Test Tools For Data Acquisition

The External Gauge Carrier is designed as a platform for data acquisition. The gauge carrier is used in well testing service to carry pressure or tempeature gauges in the flow steam to monitor downhole conditions while maintaining a full opening through the tools, base on different design the gauges can read tubing or Annlus data.

External Gauge Carrier provides one pocket, which houses two Micro Automatic Gauges and/or accelerometer Units.The external type gauge carrier is designed for holding large size gauges upto 1.27″OD. Normally external gauge carriers that have an offset OD and can carry two or four max.65″ electronic or mechanical gauges in the standard 5″ OD carrier. The Micro Automatic Gauges provide a record of internal drill pipe ID pressure and temperature and well bore pressure and temperature

1 Specification 5”
2 Working pressure 15000 psi
3 Gauge number 2ea
4 Gauge OD 1.25”
5 Gauge Length 12.5-18.7”
6 Connection 4” XT39 Box-pin connection
7 Working Temperature >300 F
8 Working condition Standard Service
9 Min tool ID 2.25” and able to run slickline tool




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