Drill Pipe Power Tong Dies for Zq203-100/125


CAMTOP Tong Dies Inserts are 100% interchangeable with OEM design, including BJ, Varco, Web Wilson, B+V, Woolley, Eckel, Farr, Weatherford, BAASH-ROSS Cavins, TD, Rushi, but more cost-effective!

Available Type we have for your reference, and customized is also acceptable if the quantity is enough.Manual Tongs Dies And Slips Inserts

1.The Manual Tong Dies And Slip Inserts are made of high-quality alloy steel in our company.

2.The Manual Tong Dies And Slip Inserts are chemically heat-treated for surface hardness.

3.The Manual Tong Dies And Slip Inserts are wear-resiting,corrosion-resistomt and they have a long service life.

4.we can also design and manufacture special spec. according to customer’s need.

The detail information as bellow:

Use for product Pipe Size(in) Use for product Pipe Size(in)
W-SDSRotary Slips 23/8-41/2 9” Drill Collar Slips 9
W-SDMLRotary Slips 23/8-51/2 Casing Slips 65/8-30
W-SDXLRotary Slips 31/2-51/2 WA-C Safety Clamps 31/2-155/8
31/2-5 Rotary Slips 31/2-5 WA-T Safety Clamps 11/8-41/2
5-7 Rotary Slips 5-7 QQP60-89/585Pneumatic Spider 23/8-31/2
W31/2/75(125)Rotary Slips 23/8,27/8,31/2 QQP60-89/675Pneumatic Spider 23/8-31/2
W5/75(125,200) Rotary Slips 4,41/2,5 QQP60-127/900Pneumatic Spider 23/8-5
DCS-S Drill Collar Slips 3-47/8 Well Repair Manual Tongs 23/8-103/4
DCS-R Drill Collar Slips 41/2-7 B Manual Tongs 33/8-123/4
DCS-L Drill Collar Slips 63/4-14 DB Manual Tongs 31/2-17
WT series Drill Collar Slips 41/2-113/4 133/8Casing Manual Tongs 133/8-14
8” Drill Collar Slips 8 Q33/8-30Casing Manual Tongs 133/8-30