The DEMCO NE-I butterfly valve, available in sizes 2 through 12 in [50 through 300 mm], is ideal for a wide range of applications in many industries, including food and beverage utilities and process flow lines.

Its short neck design is offered in a wide variety of body materials.

The valves are designed for installation between ASME Class 125/150 flanges.



One of the most durable of all resilient-seated butterfly valves in the industry, this valve excels in a wide variety of applications.Cast in both wafer and tapped-lug patterns in a wide variety of material
choices, DEMCO Butterfly Valves feature a one-piece body for minimum weight and maximum strength.The unique stem hole design in the disc ensures a dry stem journal and the hard-backed seat allows ease of installation, reliable operation, and is field-replaceable without special tools.
DEMCO Butterfly Valves ar Engineered for long-term,maintenance-free performance,DEMCO Butterfly Valves are commonly selected for a variety of applications
spanning a wide range of industries:
Chemical and petrochemical
Oil and gas drilling and production
Food and beverage
Water and waste water
Cooling towers (HVAC)
Mining and materials
Dry bulk handling
Marine and government e available in sizes 2 in. through 36 in. (50 mm through 900 mm).
Bi-directional sealing
This valve provides bi-directional sealing at full rated pressure with identical flow from either direction.
Integral flange seal Molded into the edge of the seat is an integral flange seal which accommodates ASME weld neck,slip-on, threaded and socket flanges as well as “stub end” type C flanges.ASME Class 150 rating Body rating is ASME Class 150 (285 psi non-shock).Wafer body diameters are designed to self-center in ASME Class 150 flange patterns.



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