DDZ Drill Pipe Elevator

Drill Pipe Elevator


Drill pipe elevator is designed and manufactured in line with API Spec 8C Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment, and drill pipe elevator can be available with center latch models and side door models. Center latch models is modeled DDZ elevator, DDZ elevator is modeled “GG” “MGG” “HGG” in international famous brand, while side door models is modeled CDZ elevator in China.


DDZ drill pipe elevator

Technical description

DDZ drill pipe elevators are conventional bottleneck type center latch elevators for handling 18 degree taper shoulder drill pipes in drilling operation, DDZ drill pipe elevators are cast from high quality alloy steel, heat-treated, NDT and MPI. Rated loads rang from 100ton to 500ton, and cover drill pipe sizes from 2⅜” to 6⅝” OD, IU, EU, or IEU, each drill pipe elevator is 1.5 times of the working load tested. DDZ drill pipe elevators are constructed in two halves of practically the same weight for better balance, and have a latch mechanism for the two halves at the center with latch and lock combination with a safety latch lock, link ears conform to API elevator links, handles are at rear and can be properly balanced while operating, each drill pipe elevator is provided grease nipples for lubrication of the movable pins, API monogram in conjunction with numbers, product series numbers are hard die stamped on shoulders of drill pipe elevators for tracing, and drill pipe elevators shoulders are die stamped with size of drill pipe and rated working capacity.

Partial technical data for DDZ drill pipe elevators are offered as follows:

Drill pipe



Drill pipe

elevator center

bore dimension

Applicable for drill pipes Rating



Drill pipe



Drill pipe

body size


Drill pipe tool joint

upset dimension


DDZ 67 67.47 2⅜EU 60.33 65.09 100





DDZ 83 83.34 2⅞EU 73.03 80.96
DDZ 101 100.81 3½EU 88.90 98.43
DDZ 109 108.74 4IU 101.60 106.36
DDZ 121 121.44 4EU 101.60 114.30
4½IU 114.30 119.06
DDZ 133 133.35 4½EU 114.30 127.00
5IEU 127.00 130.18
DDZ 148 147.64 5½IEU 139.70 144.46
DDZ 179 178.59 6⅝ IEU 168.28 176.21