OD of the sheave(mm):762mm,915mm/1005mm,1120mm,1270mm,1524mm

Available crown block model: TC90,TC135,TC158,TC170,TC225,TC315,TC450,TC675

Available traveling block model:YG110,YG150,YG180,YC225,YC315,YC450,YC675


The frame of the crown block is made with high strength steel material. Working pulley block are set slantingly to counteract the torsion of sheave and make side board of traveling block face to derrick.

The pulley groove is undertaken middle-frequency quencher so as to extend operating life of sheaves. Working sheave are assembled with double-conic bearing, where in each bearing has its individual lubricating channel.

Rope bar are provided to prevent the wire rope from crossing or failing out the groove. The Crown block is also equipped with wooden buffer and protection net to prevent bump. It is equipped with derrick crane as well for repairing the crown block.

Sand sheaves and auxiliary sheaves Assy can be provide as the requirement. climbing assistor and falling-proof device can be installed according to various requirements

Besides, sheaves and bearing are interchangeable with its matched crown block.

Crown Block Sheave Technical Parameters
Model TC225 TC315 TC450
Max.Hook Load kN(lbf) 2250 (505800) 3150(708200) 4500(1011600)
Qty. And OD of Sheave mm(in) 1120(44) 1270(50) 1524(60)
OD of Guiding Sheave mm(in) 1270(500) 1524(60) 1524(60)
Dia. Of Wirerope mm(in) 32(1 1/4) 35(1 3/8) 38(1 1/2 )
Overall Dimensions Length mm(in) 3200(126) 3295(129.7) 3305(1300)
Height mm(in) 3135(123.4) 3700(145.7) 3760(148)
Weight kg(lbs) 5764(12707.3) 7980(17592.9) 10600(23369)



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