CAMSIM-3 Drilling Simulation Demonstration System

CAMSIM-3 drilling simulation teaching platform is currently the most advanced drilling simulation equipment in China, capable of simulating and demonstrating drilling processes. The disassembly and assembly models of drilling equipment are mostly made of aluminum alloy components, which are lightweight and easy to teach.

Top drive
driving voltageV Drill pipe speedr/min Winch speedr/min Drill pipe stroke
Water pump power
Weight indicator range
Pump pressure displayMPa Formation pressure display
2.8 220 090 060 730 370 0300 030 0~30


  1. Model CAMSIM-3
  2. Mainly including: derrick, drilling equipment, well control equipment, solid control equipment, mud circulation manifold, riser, ground complete facilities, simulated wellbore, gas and liquid control system, simulated teaching platform base, PLC data acquisition system, simulated teaching platform control system, DS main control software, DS graphics software.
  3. Size: 2.8m × 2.4m × 3.3m (length × wide × High)
  4. Main functions:

1) Simulate the real drilling process, real-time display of well depth, bit position, top drive height, footage, drilling speed, drill pipe speed, formation pressure, riser pressure, top drive speed, total mud volume, mud pool volume increment, mud density, drilling time, suspended weight, drilling pressure, pump stroke, inlet displacement, return displacement, drilling pressure alarm, torque alarm, brake lever position, upper limit alarm, lower limit alarm Parameters such as the total volume of the measuring tank. 2) Dynamically demonstrate the tripping process;

3) Dynamic demonstration of drilling overflow process;

4) Real time interaction of 3D animation scenes;

5) Linkage between 3D scene and derrick model;

6) Real simulation of drilling fluid circulation system;

7). Layout demonstration. This model can comprehensively demonstrate the equipment, tools, and ground required for drilling

Installation location of auxiliary facilities. Enable students to develop a perceptual understanding of drilling operations,

Cultivate students’ interest in learning;

8). Easy for teachers to classify and explain. During class, teachers can explain the equipment, structure, functions, and working principles of relevant systems based on lesson plans and models

9). Real time interactive operation. Students can operate by themselves, observing and calculating the impact of the above factors on drilling speed by changing parameters such as rotational speed, drilling pressure, and pump pressure.

5.Main materials: metal, engineering plastics, acrylic, etc.