API6A FC Type Gate Valve – Gate


As a professional Wellhead Assembly & Christmas Tree manufacturer, CAMTOP produces a wide range of API 6A Manual & Hydraulic Gate Valve components of various sizes for different applications, such as Valve Body, Gate, Seat, Bonnets, Stem, Retainer Plate, Bearing Cap, Stem Adapters, Packing Gland, Hand Wheels, Bonnet Seal Ring, Gate Pin, Stem Packing and Bearing Spacers.

Our API 6A Gate Valve parts are 100% interchangeable with OEM Cameron FC & FLS Gate Valve components. All of our gate valve (such as Manual Gate Valves, Hydraulic Gate Valves) parts are fully designed, manufactured, and tested as per API 6A, and NACE-MR0175 standards. Available in full standard bore sizes from 1-13/16″ thru 7-1/16″ and rated working pressure from 2000PSI to 20000PSI. We can also design and produce gate valve parts as per customers’ specific requirements.

Below are some general information about API6A Gate Valve replacement parts.

Size: 1-13/16″ – 7-1/16″
Working Pressure: 2000PSI, 3000PSI, 5000PS


Material: AISI 4130, AISI 410 available


1-13/16″ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi/ 20000Psi

2-1/16″ 5000Psi/ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi/ 20000Psi

2-9/16″ 5000Psi/ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi/ 20000Psi

3-1/16″ 5000Psi/ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi/ 20000Psi

4-1/16″ 5000Psi/ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi

5-1/8″ 5000Psi/ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi

7-1/16″ 5000Psi/ 10000Psi/ 15000Psi

Surface Treatment: HVOF TC/ Stellite/ Ni60/ HF5#/ QPQ etc.