3-Position 4-Way Rotary Valve(34ZS21-25)

The term four-way valve and hydraulic valve is a control valve with four oil ports.Four-way valve is the indispensable parts in refrigeration equipment, electromagnetic valve coil are in a state of power failure, the guide slide valve in the compression spring driven by moving to the left, on the right side of the high pressure gas entering the capillary into the right side piston cavity, on the other hand, the left side of the piston chamber gas expelled, piston at both ends of the pressure difference, therefore, and the main valve piston moving to the left, the exhaust pipe and separate-bodied air-conditioners are interlinked, the other two be inherited.

Form a refrigeration cycle at the solenoid coil, price lead capsule accumulator valve under the effects of the magnetic force in the electromagnetic coil to overcome the compression spring tension to the right, after the high pressure gas into the capillary into the left side piston cavity, on the other hand, the right end of piston chamber of the gas discharge, due to the existence pressure difference on both ends of the piston, the piston and the main valve to the right, the exhaust pipe and take over the house, the other two root canal by, hydraulic accumulator manufacturer to form the heating cycle.

三位四通转阀3-Position 4-Way Rotary Valve(34ZS21-25)
In repair kit维修包 (Item)序号 图号(Part No.) 名称(Description) 数量Qty
1 GB/T6170-2000 M12 六角螺母Lock Nut 1
2 GB93-1987 12 弹簧垫圈Lock Washer 1
3 GB95-2002 12 平垫圈 Washer 1
4 3.4HXF-01-01 手柄钢套 Handle Spindle Sleeve 1
5 3.4HXF-00-11 定位板 Positioning Plate 1
6 GB/T308-2002 11.51 钢球Ball 1
7 3.4HXF-00-10 弹簧 Detent Spring 1
8 3.4HXF-00-04 阀盖 Housing 1
9 GB/T5780-2000M12X100 六角螺栓Bolt 4
10 GB/T301-1995 8114(70X95X18) 单向推力轴承Back-up Bearing 1
11 3.4HXF-00-03 铜套 Bushing 1
12 GB895-86 22 钢丝卡簧Retainer Ring 1
13 GB1235-76 22X2.4 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
14 GB1235-76 28X3.5 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
15 3.4HXF-00-01 转轴Shaft 1
16 3.4HXF-B10 转轴销Shaft Pin 2
17 3.4HXF-02-00 阀 芯 Valve Core 1
18 GB1235-76 110X3.1 O形密封圈O-Ring 1
19 3.4HXF-00-09 阀体 Valve Body 1
20 GB93-1987 12 弹簧垫圈Spring Washer 4
21 GB/T6170-2000 M12 六角螺母 Nut 4
22 3.4HXF-B18 阀体定位销Pin 2
23 3.4HXF-00-08 波形垫圈Wave Spring 3
24 3.4HXF-00-07 阀座 Seal Ring 3
25 GB1235-76 25X2.4 O形密封圈O-Ring 3
26 3.4HXF-00-06 挡圈 Back-Up Ring 6
27 3.4HXF-B6 定位销stop Pin 1
28 3.4HXF-00-02 轴套 Handle Spacer 1
29 3.4HXF-01 -03 手柄胶套Handle Grip 1
30 3.4HXF-01-02 手柄体 Handle Manual Only 1