200MPa Extra High Pressure Stop Valve(140GF6-00)

series globe valve is mainly used in hydraulic pipeline or hydraulic integrated system to control the flow of oil or cut-off, its valve core is conical seal and hydraulic balance type, with small opening force, good sealing performance and other characteristics.

This series of globe valves are mainly composed of valve body, valve core, adjusting rod, handwheel, etc. The valve body is made of steel forging, with nickel plating on the surface and excellent corrosion resistance.This series of globe valve has screw thread, flange, plate type and other installation connection, easy to choose.

200MPa超高压截止阀 200MPa Extra High Pressure Stop Valve(140GF6-00)
In repair kit维修包 (Item)序号 图号(Part No.) 名称(Description) 数量Qty
1 200GF6-01 阀体 Valve Body 1
2 140GF6-13 密封垫Seal Gasket 1
3 200GF6-02 阀座 Seal seat 1
4 200GF6-04 支撑套Spring Retainer 1
5 200GG6-04 密封垫Seal Gasket 2
6 200GF6-06 压套 Pressing Sleeve 1
7 200GF6-03 阀锥Valve core 1
8 140GF6-07 卡环Clasp 1
9 200GF6-09 螺杆valve stem 1
10 200GF6-08 阀盖 Valve Cap 1
11 140GF6-07 锁片Lockplate 1
12 GB/T 67-2008 M5x10 十字槽盘头螺钉Screw 1
13 140GF6-10 手柄Handle 1
14 GB/T 77-2007 M5x11 内六角平端紧定螺钉Gasket Cap Screw 1