Venturi hopper
Description: Venturi hopper is one part of mixing pump. The hoppers can be carbon steel and stainless steel. It is mainly matched for mud mixing pump.
High quality carbon steel or S.S material
Typical venturi type
Sack table
Dust-lower dry product mixing
Customizable size for option
Durable and longer usable life
High efficient and interchangeable with other mud hopper
Convenient for drilling mud mixing
Minimize “fish eyes” when mixing
Adaptable on different mixing pump
Venturi hopper is developed from many years experience and clients’ feedback. The material can be stainless steel and carbon steel. Usually, there will be butterfly valve on venturi hopper. Mud hopper can be mounted with pump together on one skid also can be separated part with pump. Anyhow, when pump and mud hopper used together they’ll be mud mixing pump or jet mixing pump.