API 6A Wellhead Spacer Spool Riser Spool 5-1/8″ 15M

Flanged, studded, and hubbed ends available, in any combination.
Manufactured for any combination of size and pressure ratings.
Spacer Spools designed to minimize length while allowing sufficient clearance for wrenches or clamps, unless otherwise specified by the customer.
The standard design for Spacer Spools does not include outlets, although outlets can be added as specified.
Available for general service and sour service in compliance with any temperature rating and material requirements specified in API specification 6A.


API 6A Wellhead Spacer Spool Riser Spool 5-1/8″ 15M


Spacer Spool, also referred to as Riser Spool, or Surface Riser Spool, is pressure-containing piece of equipment having end connections, used below or between drill-through equipment.

Spacer spool is wellhead section which has no provision for suspension of tubular members and which may have no provision for sealing of tubular members. It is used to provide separation between two components with equal-sized end connections.

Camtop’s spacer spools are fully manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A standards, providing exceptional performance as a wellhead extension, securing connection for choke manifold and kill manifold.

Working pressure: 2000PSI-20000PSI

Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud

Working temperature: -46℃-121℃ (L-U)

Material class: AA –HH

Specification class: PSL1-PSL4

Performance class: PR1-PR2

Connection: API 6A Flange, API 16A Clamp, Weco Union

Working pressure(psi) 2000PSI-20000PSI
Size 3 1/8″-26 3/4″
Working medium oil, natural gas, mud
Working temperature -46ºC-121ºC(L-U)
Material class AA -HH
Specification class PSL1-PSL4
Performance class PR1-PR2
Length 0.4M-10M


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