Shearing pumps
Description: JQB Shearing pump is overhead belt drive centrifugal pump. Mainly used to shear drilling mud and mix drilling fluid
Sufficient power and pressure.
Small footprint.
Break down drilling mud block.
High quality raw material.
Excellent dilution and hydration ability.
Make drilling fluid transfer effectively.
Use less space, get more effective tank capacity.
Get more even drilling fluid.
Durable and low cost on maintenance.
Save much cost on drilling mud cost.

Model JQB 6545 JQB 6535
Flow rate 120 m3/h 100 m3/h
Head 40m 32m
Power 55KW 45KW
Dimension 1150x1100x1500mm 1150x1100x1250mm
Weight 980kg 800kg

JQB Shearing pump is one kind of centrifugal pump. The type is overhead belt drive. This give the pump sufficient power and pressure. During operation, JQB shearing pump can enhance the drilling mud hydratation level. Make ploymer dilute soon and save much drilling mud material.