Poor boy degasser/Mud gas separator



Description: Poor boy degasser also can be called mud gas separator. It’s a special equipment to get rid of large quantity invaded harmful gas during oil and gas drilling.
Large effective vessel capacity
Removal of dangerous H2S and other poisonous gas
Baffle plates in vessel
Customizable specification
Backpressure manifold with flare ignition line
Effective U-tube or mud seal configuration
Skid-mounted design with lay down legs
Optional elevating type
High process efficiency during continued drilling
Promotes safe drilling environment
Efficient removal of free gas
Built to match drilling program and application
Control delivery of gas to the flare line
Control of retention time of gas-cut mud in the vessel
Optimizes process effectiveness and efficiency
Easy transportation, rig-up and rig-down
Adaptable for different drilling height or other conditions

Model FLQ800 FLQ1000 FLQ1200
Vessel diameter 0800mm 0100mm 01200mm
Treating capacity 240m3/h 300m3/h 380m3/h
Feed inlet 5″ 5″ 5″
Fluid discharge 8″ 10″ 10″
Vent line 8″ 8″ 8″
Weight 1650kg 2000kg 2000kg
Dimension 1900 x1900 x5700mm 2000 x2000 x5860mm 2200x2200x6634mm

FLQ Poor boy degasser is one kind of drilling fluid equipment. It mainly get rid of invaded gas and remove large pocket of gas to keep well drilling and rig safe. As we said mud/gas separators and degassers mechanically remove entrained gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and natural gas from the mud system. Entrained gas can reduce the hydrostatic head of the mud column and can cause catastrophic