High Quality Perfection Links


Weldless links are forged with high-quality alloy steel.They are designed and manufactured according to API 8A/8C Specification for drilling and production hoisting equipment.

Efficient method of handling drill collars without having to remove the elevator from the links.
The drill collar assemblies are suitable for use in combination with the perfection links. The size range is from 2.7/8″ plain to 6.5/8″ IEU.


Tool Pushing Links are designed for light loads mostly used for work over. They are made from forgings, bent, heat treated, manuafluxed and load tested. Our size ranges from: 36″ to 48″.

Perfection Links Introduce :

     model Short tons 标准工作长度(mm)
SH75 75 1500
SH100 100 1500
SH150 150 1700