Mixing pumps

Description:SLH Mud mixing pump combined with mixing hopper and centrifugal pump. Usually, the hopper is venturi hopper.
Sufficient pressure.
With valve and shredding knife.
Venturi type hopper.
Compact design.
High efficiency.
Convenient breaking and mixing drilling mud.
Typical type to make mixing.
Save space, easy handling and transferring.

Model SLH55 SLH45 SLH37 SLH15
Matching pump SB8x6-13(55KW) SB6x5-13(45KW) SB5x4-14(37KW) SB4X3 -11(15KW)
Treating capacity 240m3/h(1056GPM) 180m3/h(792GPM) 120m3/h(528GPM) 60m3/h(264GPM)
Working pressure 0.25~0.40Mpa
Feed inlet 150mm 150mm 150mm 100mm
Nozzle diameter 50mm 40mm 30mm 30mm
Hopper size 750x750mm 750x750mm 600x600mm 500x500mm
Compounding speed <100kg/min <80kg/min <60kg/min <40kg/min
Fluid density <2.8g/cm3 <2.8g/cm3 <2.8g/cm3 <1.5g/cm3
Fluid viscosity <120s <120s <120s <60s

SLH Mud mixing pump is equipment to mixing drilling mud. Generally, it will be set on mixing tank skid. It is combined with venture jet hopper and centrifugal pump. Take less space and make mixing more convenient. The mixing capacity and discharge rate decides the certain model. The SLH Mud mixing pump can be widely used in HDD fluid recovery system, oil and gas drilling mud solids control system, the CSM drilling and mining exploration fluid unit. It is powerful and efficient.