Cased hole Drill stem testing tools 105Mpa Full Bore ChAMP Packer

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Unit Price: 1000.0 USD Production Capacity: 10sets/month
Trade Term: FOB Packing: plywood
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T Delivery Date: 35days
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land

Cased hole Drill stem testing tools 105Mpa Full Bore ChAMP Packer

Cased hole DST tools CHAMP Packer 105Mpa

The CHAMP XHP 15K Packer is a hookwall-type retrievable packer with concentric bypasses. While going in the hole, the bypass is held open until the slips are set by the J-slot that controls the mechanical slips.

Each assembled tool includes the following components:

• J-slot mechanism

• mechanical slips

• packer elements

• hydraulic slips

• bypass

Round, piston-type slips are used in the hydraulic holddown mechanism to help prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole. The CHAMP XHP 15K Packer has additional holddowns to help keep it in place because of higher loads.The bypass allows all pumped fluids to flow around the bottom end of the tool. This design prevents the conventional bypass from accidently opening during circulation around the bottom of the packer. In addition, circulation in CHAMP XHP 15K Packers is not normally interrupted if the packer elements should seal without operator intent as when points of interference in the casing are passed.

The CHAMP XHP 15K packer is well suited to tubing conveyed perforating applications where the firing head assembly is easily incorporated into the CHAMP XHP 15K packer. The CHAMP XHP 15K packer is ideally suited for horizontal applications due to it s limited rotational requirements and integrated bypass. Just a quarter-turn  is required, at the tool, to set the packer and close the circulating valve. A straight upward pull opens the circulating valve and unseats the packer.


Specification 7 inch 9 5/8 inch
Casing Range 29-35lb/ft 29.3-53.5lb/ft
Drift Diameter 150.62( 7″ 29lb/ft) 209.6 (29.3-43.5lb/ft)
146.59(7″ 32lt/ft) 207.0(47-53.5lb/ft)
146.05(7″ 35lb/ft)
Bore Diameter 57mm 73mm
Total Length 3339.6mm(Connection 3 7/8CAS BXP) 3700mm (4 1/2 IF BXP)
3325.7mm(Connection 3 1/2IF BXP) 3684mm(3 1/2 IF BXP)
Packer Diff. Pressure 105Mpa 105Mpa
Internal Pressure strength 161.4Mpa 151.6Mpa
External Pressure Strength 149.4Mpa 144Mpa
Tensile Strength 1024KN 1918.5KN
Torque Strength 15.2KN.m 36.6KN.m
Working Temp. -29oC~+204oC -29oC~+204oC
Service H2S as per NACE MR0175(>175oF) H2S as per NACE MR0175(>175oF)
Connection Thread 3 7/8 CAS BXP 3 1/2 IF BXP 3 1/2 IF BXP 4 1/2IF BXP