The control systems for surface-mounted BOP stacks are used to open and close Blowout Preventer and Choke Valve while drilling oil and gas well.

Its main function is to prevent blowout accidents in drilling operation, so it is an indispensable equipment to ensure safe operation in oil fields.

The control system for surface-mounted BOP stacks mainly consists of Remote Control Panel, Driller Control Panel, Air Cable, Pipe Racks High-pressure Pipe and Protection House.

Its design and manufacture follows SY/T5053.2 standard, and refers to API Spec 16D specifications.


1, The Remote Control panel is equipped with both electric pneumatic power, as well as a stand-by inlet for pressing oil to ensure the system working regularly even under unexpected situations.

2, The power system is equipped with automatic control system and double protective device against overload pressure for hydraulic system. The operation is easy, safe and reliable.

3, With four sets of accumulators, the system can work regularly with the rest 75% volume when one of them goes wrong. A special valve equipped with the accumulator but also makes it easy for the installation and maintenance of them.