API Hydril Blowout Preventer Packer Seal Ring Replacement Packing Sear for Bop


Characters of BOP pare parts:
In the structure, it is divided into annular blowout preventer with spherical plastic core, annular blowout preventer with cone-shaped plastic core, and blowout preventer with tube-shaped plastic core. Annular BOP top cap and housing are connected by bolts or claw blocks.
Blowout preventer with spherical plastic core and dust-proof ring.
Performance characteristics: reasonable structure, easy operation, long life of plastic core, adapt to a wide range, capable to seal pipe string with nominal paths from 0-DN in ans shapes, better performance by combining with ran blowout preventer in the use.

Working of BOP pare parts:
When wells must be sealed in case of kicks high pressure (10.5Mpa) oil from control systems enters into close-cavity under piston from housing oil outlet, to promote plastic core moving upward along ball surface, so that bearing tendons move closer to each other to moce the rubber between them to the center of wellhead so as to seal drilling tools or fully seal wellhead. In opening , hydraulic pressure oul enters into open-cavity above piston from housing oul inlet, to push piston moving downwards , so that plastic will reset with its own elasticity, wellhead will bop.


1. Standad: API 16 A  and ISO 9001

2. Rated Pressure: 2000Psi to 15000Psi(14-17 Mpa)

3. Size: Nominal Bore: 7-1/16″ to 21-1/4″ (179.4mm to 539.75mm)

4. Type: Shear Ram/ Pipe Ram/ Variable Bore Ram

5. Usage : Single Ram BOP/ Double Ram BOP/ Three Ram BOP

6.Brand:Shenkai and Rongsheng.

7.Imitate: Camaron and Shaffer

8.U type and SH type


Q1: What’s your business range?
A: We manufacture Bop, wellhed, valves ( gate valve, check valve, choke valve, plug valve ), flanges, swivel joint , pup joint and so on.
Q2: How about the quality of the managements?
A: We have a complete quality control system , all of our products will be fully pre-inspection by QC departments before shipping to you . We have the certification of ISO,API Certificate.
Q3: Can you offer OEM or design services?
A: Yes, we have our own design department and production tools. We can make OEM products according to your requirements.
Q4: What are your terms of payment and delivery time?
A: We could accept T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Credit Assurance. Generally, we will arrange the shipment within 7 days after received payment.
Q5: How about warranty?
A: 12 months warranty.