Description: JBQ Mud agitator/mixer is for drilling mud mixing. To keep drilling mud suspension but not precipitate.
Typical C face motor installation.
Small footprint without skid.
Helical-Bevel gearbox.
Motor can be horizontal or vertical.
Longer usable life on motor and gear box.
Require less space also easy to handle.
High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature.
Adaptable for different application.

Model JBQ5.5 JBQ7.5 JBQ11 JBQ15 JBQ22
Motor 5.5KW(7.5hp) 7.5KW(10hp) 11KW(15hp) 15KW(20hp) 22KW(30hp)
Shaft length According to tank size and client’s requirement
Impeller type Canted or turbine paddle
Impeller layer Double or single
Impeller diameter 0600~01200mm
Speed 60RPM or 73RPM
Remark When shaft length exceeds 1.7m, there will be stabilizer

JBQ Mud agitators can be used widely in various applications. Including drilling mud mixture, chemical agitating, food or beverage, etc. It will be mounted on mud tanks or set right overmud pit. The mud agitator will help mix subject with powerful rate. To select mud agitator should know the processed subject, the tank dimension (including length, width, height). Then we’ll get proper horse power, shaft length and impeller type.