7″ RTTS Packer Retrievable full bore J slot Drill stem testing

Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price: 100.0 USD Production Capacity: 10sets/month
Trade Term: FOB,CFR Packing: plywood
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T Delivery Date: 35days
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land


When starting the RTTS packer into the hole, place J-slot in the drag block sleeve in the locked position. The tool is run slightly below the desired setting position and is then picked up tool to setting position and rotated pipe several turns to right(on bottom, only 1/2 turn is required).Holding right torque in pipe, slack off the pipe weight until mechanical slips on the tool set and start taking weight .At the same time the packer element is compressed against the wall of the casing, then the packer can isolate the annular from the test zone. Self-guard hydraulic hold down mechanism can prevent the packer from bouncing up because of the high pressure below the packer. When it is extra, pressure can be into the annular space between the volume tube, hydraulic hold down body and the lower mandrel through the radial hole on the lower mandrel, then to reach the round hydraulic hold down slip and compress the slip retractor spring, then the round hydraulic hold down slip lean against the inside wall of the casing closely and help prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole.

When unsetting the packer,y ou must open the circulating valve to equalize across the packer, then the round hydraulic hold down slip to retract, raise tubing up, the pacer can be released. The index lug will ride automatically the ramp to the locking position.

No Specifications 7″
1 Casing Weight Range(lb/ft) 7″ 17-26lb/ft 7″ 23-29lb/ft 7″ 32-38lb/ft 6-5/8″ 17-20lb/ft
2 Packer Ring OD 151.1mm 144.8mm 142.7mm
3 Top Shoe OD 152.4mm 146.1mm 143.5mm
4 Min. ID of tool 61mm
5 Length 1380,1611,1598,1473,1554mm
6 Pressure differential across the pacing ring 70MPa
7 Internal Yield Pressure strength

(Bursting pressure)

8 External Yield Pressure strength

(Collapse Pressure)

9 Tensile Strength(Yield) 805.3KN
10 Torque Strength 14.5KN·m
11 Service environment Mud, Crude Oil, Natural gas with H2S and acid
12 Service temperature –29oC~+204oC
13 End connections 4 5/32-8UN.BX 2 7/8 TBG.P  3 7/8 CAS.BXP   3 1/2IF.BXP

3 7/8 CAS.B X 2 7/8 UP TBG.P 4 5/32-8UN.B X 3 7/8 CAS.P