5″ x 10000psi Hydro spring tester MFE open hole drill stem testing

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Open hole drill stem testing
5″ x 10000psi Hydro spring tester
Multi-Flow Evaluator (MFE)


The MFE consists of three basic sections: indexing, delay, and sampling. Each of these sections will be described in detail below.

Indexing Section

The indexing section consists of three basic parts: Spline Mandrel, Spline Sleeve, and J-Pin, The function of the indexing section is to sequentially open and close the testing valve as the spline Mandrel (attached to the drill stem) is moved up and down. These motions may be repeated as many times as desired, each complete cycle opening and closing the testing valve. The indexing slot is in the Spline Mandrel and is shown in Figure Ⅱ. The Spline Mandrel is splined to the body of the tool and cannot rotate—it can move only in an axial direction, i.e., up or down. The J-Pin is securely fastened to the Spline Sleeve and rides in the index slot. The Spline Sleeve rotates freely through an 180°arc , but cannot move axially. We can see that as the Spline Mandrel moves up and down, the J-Pin follows the path of the index slot freely due to the rotation of the Spline Sleeve.To discuss the index slot in detail, consider the J-Pin as it moves around the index slot. The index slot is in the Spline Mandrel which is moved up or down by manipulation of the drill stem at the surface.

Delay Section

The “opening indication” mentioned above is incorporated into the delay system. The MFE incorporates a delay system similar to a conventional hydraulic tool: the hydraulic delay is effective when slacking down, but “disengaged” while picking up. The “opening indication” is a free fall of the drill stem that takes place the last inch of travel as the testing valve opens and is easily observed at the surface.

Sampler Section

The sampler section is a full flow-through type. All of the formation fluid passes through the sampler before entering the drill pipe .The sampler section incorporates a dual of seals and traps a sample at the end of the final flow period. The sample is trapped as the tool is closed for the final shut-in period. Note that the dual control valve is a safety factor- if one sample can be removed at the surface.


No Specification 5″
1 OD 127.5mm
2 Length(mm) 3102mm
3 Working pressure 70Mpa
4 Tensile strength(yield) 1868.8kN
5 Internal yield pressure
6 External yield pressure 22000psi
7 Torque strength 20000psi
8 Flow area 1200mm2
9 Service Environment Mud, crude oil, natural gas with H2S,apply to NACE MR0175-2002
10 End connections 3 1/2 IF. B X 3 1/2 IF.P(with crossover)
11 Service Temperature -20oF~+400oF

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Packer,circualting valve,select tester valve,APR N-valve,OMNI valve,Hydraulic Jar,Tubing string tester

1. Full bore Packer, 7″ Casing, working pressure 70Mpa, Working Temperature 400F, Connection: IF, 4set

2. Tester valve, 5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4 sets

3. Hydraulic Jar,5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4sets

4. Rupture disk Circulating valve, 5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4sets

5. Flowhead (surface test tree), 3 1/16″, working pressure 70 Mpa. 1set

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