5″ Sl eeve type drain valve in stock

Product Description

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Unit Price: 500.0 USD Production Capacity: 8 pcs/month
Trade Term: FOB,CFR,EXW Packing: polywood case
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Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
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5″ Sleeve type drain valve in stock

Sleeve type drain valve is used to drain the volume fluid and release pressure when string testing finished. The ports in the sleeve of drain valve will be sealed with two sets of O rings before running in well, and the sliding sleeve and rotating nut are locked by two screws in order to keep the sliding sleeve tighten in course of downhole operation, attach drain collar after testing finished, rotate the rotating nut to make the sliding sleeve moves up until when the ports in the sleeve are aligned with the ports in the body of the tool, the fluid may be drained.

The drain valve consists of a ported body, sliding sleeve, and rotating nut, which controls the position of the sliding sleeve. The sleeve either covers or exposes the ports in the body of the valve. The drain valve is suitable for sour service at all temperatures. A drain collar and associated components are required when relieving pressure.

Features and Benefits

• Allows pressure trapped between two closed valves to be relieved in a controlled manner

• Used to recover large volume fluid samples

DST string for well testing 

Name Size Specification
RTTS Packer 4 1/2″-20″ Casing 70Mpa, 400F
CHAMP IV Packer 7″-13 3/8″ Casing 70Mpa,400F
Champ XHP Packer 7″-13 3/8″ Casing 105Mpa, 400F
RTTS Circulating Valve 4 1/2″-20″ Casing 70Mpa, 400F
IPO Circulating Valve 5″ OD 105Mpa 400F
Hydraulic Circulating Valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa 400F
RD Safety Circulating Valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
RD Circulating Valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
OMNI Circulating Valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
RTTS Safety Joint 4 1/2″-20″ Casing 105Mpa, 400F
Round mandrel slip joint 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
TST Valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
RD Sampler 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
Drain valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
LPR-N Valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
Select tester valve 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
Hydraulic Jar 3 7/8″ and 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400f
Gauge Carrier Design as per Gauges 105Mpa, 400f
Radial shock absorber 7″Casing 105Mpa, 400F
Vertical Shock Absorber 5″ OD 105Mpa, 400F
MFE 5″ OD 70Mpa, 400F
VR Safety Joint 5″ OD 70Mpa, 400F
Hollow plug Impact reversing sub 5″ OD 70Mpa, 400F

Stock of the DST tools

  • Full bore Packer, 7″ Casing, working pressure 70Mpa, Working Temperature 400F, Connection: IF, 2. Tester valve, 5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4 sets
  •  Hydraulic Jar,5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP,
  • Rupture disk Circulating valve, 5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP,
  • Flowhead (surface test tree), 3 1/16″, working pressure 70 Mpa.

5″ DST Sleeve type drain valve