3 7/8″ Rupture Disk RD Circulating valve drill stem testing

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3 7/8″ Rupture Disk(RD) safety circulating valve on shelf

The rupture disk (RD) safety circulating valve functions as both a safety valve and circulating valve. The tool functions as a safety valve when the annulus pressure reaches a predetermined value. At that pressure, the valve isolates the workstring below the tool and establishes communication between the annulus and the workstring above the tool. This tool converts into a circulating valve when the ball valve
section is removed.
Features :
• The power section consists of a power mandrel case and rupture disk that is available for a wide range of pressure applications. The rupture disk bursts at a predetermined pressure, allowing annulus pressure to be applied to a differential area on the power mandrel. The power mandrel moves down, first pushing the ball valve closed, and then opening a set of circulating ports.
• The circulating section consists of a set of ports that are initially sealed by the power mandrel. When the rupture disk bursts, the power mandrel moves down, exposing the ports that allow communication between the annulus and workstring.
• The safety valve consists of a ball valve, operating pins, and collet fingers. As the power mandrel moves down, the operating arms close the ball valve. The collet fingers expand, allowing the power mandrel to continue traveling down to open the circulating ports.
Before the RD safety circulating valve is used, the operating pressure is calculated for selecting the proper rupture disk pressure rating. Required information includes mud weight, testing depth, bottomhole temperature, and maximumannulus pressure. When the rupture disk safety circulating valve is run with an annulus pressure-operated valve, the safety valve operating pressure should be kept 1,000 psi above the operating pressure of the tester valve.
Flow area
No.of ports
3 7/8
Technical parameter
Working pressure: 15000Psi
Working temperature: 450oF
Working condition: H2S above 175oF, Full H2S
Thread: CAS connection
Standard: NACE MR 0175
we are is the professional manufacturer for the drill stem testing tools and surface testing equipment. All the DST tools are conformed with NACE MR 0175 with traceability,and the DST tools can be worked in H2S & CO2 above 175 F and full H2S, also with the skilled and experienced engineers, we can design the drill stem testing tools as per customer’s well condition. Moreover, we supply the training in our factory and operation instruction at the well site. The DST tools are exported to USA, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Brazil etc. and enjoy the good reputation from the customers.
To shorten the delivery time, we proceeded the DST Tools in stock:
Packer,circualting valve,select tester valve,APR N-valve,OMNI valve,Hydraulic Jar,Tubing string tester
1. Full bore Packer, 7″ Casing, working pressure 70Mpa, Working Temperature 400F, Connection: IF, 4set
2. Tester valve, 5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4 sets
3. Hydraulic Jar,5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4sets
4. Rupture disk Circulating valve, 5″, Working pressure 105Mpa, Working temperature 400F, Connection CAS. BXP, 4sets
5. Flowhead (surface test tree), 3 1/16″, working pressure 70 Mpa. 1set
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