Project Description

Hydraulic High Pressure Diesel Triplex Plunger Pump 7mm


Triplex plunger pump introduction:Suitable for the pressure testing pump,cleaning pump,flow pump,methanol water cleaning pump,membrane separation hydrogen extracting pump,liquefied CO2 pump,food stuff homogenizing pump,detergent slurry pump.

Assembling Type:horizontal type,vertical type,fixed type,and movable type.

Drive type:electric motor driven type,diesel engine driven type,belt pulley type,gear box type,electromagnetic-speed adjusting type,invert-speed adjusting type.Technical data shown in the data sheet is for reference of selection.Each kind of the pump is equipped with safety adjusting valve.Pressure of each pump can be arbitrary adjusted.In case of the flow rate shown in the data sheet can not meet with your requirement when you make selection,you can adjust the flow rate by means of electromagnetic-speed adjuster.invert-speed adjuster or change the diameter of the plunger to get requested flow rate.Material of pump body:alloy steel, Martensitic stainless steel, Austenic stainless steel,316&316L dual phase steel.

Hydraulic High Pressure Diesel Triplex Plunger Pump 7mmHydraulic High Pressure Diesel Triplex Plunger Pump 7mm

high pressure triplex plunger pump hydro testing equipment

Technical Parameter

Fuel Diesel oil
Number of cylinder 2
Product type Brand new
Cooling method Air cooled
Number of strokes 2
Applied range Industry,domestic etc.
Power 1KW


Easy to operate

Optimum performance

Rugged design

Detail Specification

1)mobile base

2)diesel engine motor

3)pressure relief valve

4)pressure gauge against vibration

5)check valve

6)bleed-off valve

7)alloy steel nickel plated

8)valve spool and valve site

9)cylinder sleeve use stainless steel 2Cr13

10)plunger plated Ni60 alloy steel

11)1 set of vulnerable spare parts, 1 set of assembling tools, 1 set of electric control box

Hydraulic High Pressure Diesel Triplex Plunger Pump 7mm