Project Description

Dewaxing autoclave boiler machine for investment casting

product feature:
1. Dewaxing autoclave Equipment with mechanical pressure protection electric pressure protection and temperature control of indirect protection.

2. USES the advanced pressure transmitter and pressure control of three,To realize automatic booster. Effectively prevent shell crack and reduce the energy consumption.

3. Water USES advanced magnetic sensing level control instrument automatic control,Make reliable operation use safety more to save energy.

product introduction

electric integrated dewaxing autoclave
The whole machine has the certificate of pressure vessel issued by the state inspection.Stainless steel heating pipe.Dewaxing kettle door structure with ring lock, safe and convenient operation is obvious.With the door is not closed to prevent false alarm.Leakage protection switch.Automatic water supply with low water level


1.Double-layer liner pressure vessel, the internal surface temperature of the machine is always above 130 °C, and the dewaxing and inflating speed is fast.

2.The door adopts a quick opening mechanism and is equipped with a safety valve interlocking mechanism.

3.Microcomputer time control, automatic preheating before dewaxing, improving work efficiency

Item Unit MDTL-800 MDTL-1000
Waterpump power KW 3 3
Heating tube quantity Pcs 4 5
Heating tube power Kw 24 24
Pressure controlling quantity 2 2
Inner diameter mm 800 1000
Depth mm 1000 1200
Seal ring size mm 800 1000
Working temperature 165 165
Dewaxing time min 6~12 6~12
Dewaxing pressure Kg/cm2 7.5 7.5
Shell mold cart set 2 2
Overall size mm 2890×1565×1960 2970×1780×2060
Weight Kg 2000 2500