Project Description

Automatic 8tons 10tons 16tons Double column free cylinder wax injection molding machine casting machine

1 LB – Y type for four-post type clamping mechanism, and the template and mold were to leave water interface, all work in vice cooling water circulation plates with the audience, to achieve overall mold temperature is not too high, improve the quality of wax parts molding. CB – Y to the \”C\” type structure. Pressure template constant temperature control with mold temperature control can better control the wax mold flow lines, surface quality and size control for wax models have originality.


2, side injection nozzle mechanism can be adjusted in fluctuation, horizontal two dimensional freedom, to match the size different mould of flexible use.


Sharing a wax boxes for about 3, station, two wax outlet, all the rest of the independent, ensure that two workstation run independently.


4, each station are an oil circulating cooling and temperature of the thermal insulation system, to ensure the accuracy of temperature from nozzle injection wax control in the plus or minus 0.5 ℃, the cooling using three layer tube design, increase the heat conduction oil and wax liquid heat transfer area, heat preservation system required by the heat from the hot liquid wax, the operation of the equipment energy consumption greatly reduced.


5, have the double function manual and automatic electric control, ensure the easy operation, stable process parameters to perform, even with a simple automatic operation fault can also be used manually, not delay the schedule.


6, the machine adopts touch display, touch screen + PLC and accurate SCR to effectively control temperature control, time and pressure etc.


7, Taiwan original hydraulic system, adopting the combination of high and low pressure pump with quick clamping and slow the effective combination of high pressure, can save electricity costs, improve work efficiency. All adopt hydraulic drive equipment operation stable and reliable. Clamping, crowded wax, wax pressure are adjustable freely, LB – Y can make the injection pressure of two variable pressure control, so as to adapt to the alternate use of many kinds of mold.


8, MZ09-50 cb – Y wax injection machine should slip plate workbench configuration structure and hoisting facilities functions, convenient mould lifting and FRP mould.


9, with automatic lost wax system, can realize automatic filling wax directly from stalling barrels, also can manually fill wax.


10, clamping and automatic ejection mechanism from top to bottom, side core-pulling system can completely realize the process automation, and only artificial will wax pieces \”pick\”, greatly reduce the operator labor intensity, can achieve \”one, one, two location\” operation, saving labor costs.

instructions unit ZMZ09-10WB-Y/ZD
Clamping force (Max) T 10
Mould use space (depth x width x height) mm 480*480*480
Up and down mode stroke. mm 400
Up and down the minimum height mm
The moulding board mm 480*480*480
Side injection center minimum distance. mm 150
Telescopic stroke mm 150
Minimum distance from the base plate of the nozzle. mm 100
Adjust your stroke up and down. mm 400
Table height mm 900
Single maximum amount of wax. L 3
Maximum injection pressure MPa 0~10 (Variable pressure)
Wax injection time s 0~99.9
The holding time s 0~999
Wax box temperature control 0~80
  A temperature control
Temperature control system 54~58±0.05
Wax tank L 90
Installed power KW 13.5
Outside for ice water ≤15